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Spirit Guides

What is a Spirit Guide?

A Spirit Guide is a spirit person who works with you. Everyone has a Spirit Guide, yet most people don’t know who they are or anything about them. Our Spirit Guides have many roles, but mainly they teach spiritual truth and help you on your pathway through life.

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Who are they?

A guide can be anybody! Often they have lived on earth many centuries ago and have had to learn many things like ‘spiritual lessons’ while they were on Earth.

They have spent a long time in spirit, and they have become highly developed in spiritual ways. They choose to stay close to the earth life and act as a link and teacher.

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Why do people say their guide is a Red Indian?

Many people who do what I do will often tell you their Master or main guide is a Red Indian. This is because Red Indians live a very spiritual existence and also believed in their own healing and psychic skills.

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Who can be your Guide?

If someone has a high understanding of 'spirituality' and have learned their lessons in life (I suppose just like being an A grade student in life), then that has a say on whether they can work as a guide. You don't have to come from a spiritual background or roots.

A guide could also be someone you know from a previous life or a family member. Whoever the guide is, you will have connection to them, like mother and child. You will learn to trust, respect and value each other

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How many guides can you have?

Some people may have one guide, others may have many. You often find that a guide is with you for a certain time in your life, and then they move on. Whilst they are with you, their job is to teach you certain things in life.

It may be that you have more than one guide, like me. Each guide has their own job; think of them as a teacher in school they all have their specialized subject.

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Can we choose who is our guide?

Before we come down to the Earth Plane, we choose our own Spirit Guides. They have probably been with you many times in your previous lives. You have built up a trust with them, and they are there to guide, protect and teach you throughout life. You may know them now and have conversations with them. Don't let anyone tell you it's silly, as you are special and have met your guide as not everyone will in their life.

Some people have a guide at the beginning of their life, and the same one stays with them until the end of their time on the Earth Plane. However, there maybe other guides who help along the way.

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What is my guide is like?

Guides look like people and even laugh and play with you; you will never really argue with them. They are concerned with your life. You don't have to be a psychic or a medium to have a guide, but what you do need to do is trust them.

Believe what they say, and they will help you. It's like listening to that little voice in your own head.

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Can you get more guides when you want them?

You can ask for more guides and/or angels.

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How many guides have we got?

The average number of guides is five, usually a mix of male and female. I always refer to them as my ‘team of helpers’. You can also have spirit animals that will help you along the way.

They can:
• Be spiritual guardians
• Be healers
• Help with your creative work
• Have a past life connection to you
• Be deceased relatives or close friends

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Why do we have Spirit Guides?

A guide does not control or run your life, you still live your way. A guide cannot force you to do what you don't want to.

When you learn to listen to them, they will help you. But they cannot make up your mind for you about things. You may find they advise you, but it’s still your choice.

Remember that ‘gut feeling’ when your tummy tells you not to do something, are your guides trying to communicate with you? They help you out.

Many people will go through life not knowing these spirit helpers.

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How do they communicate with us?

They communicate with you in many ways. Sometimes they are the little voice you

hear in your head – your thoughts. Often times they speak to you in dreams or daydreams, meditation, through the certain things that happen in your life, through art, music, dance, or acting. If they really want to make a point they will drop something on you, like a book, as if to say, "Oi, listen to me!”

Spirit guides will travel with us. They travel with us at night when we sleep. This is the time that they teach us. They cannot become a physical person, as they are pure energy, but they will show you a likeness of themselves as best they can.

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I want to meet my spirit guide, how do I do that?

Sit quietly and relax your mind and try not to think about anything. Ask your guides to give you a sign to show you they are there working with you.

Don’t tell them what to do, just ask for a sign. It may take a day or two to receive that sign, but you will get it. Do this over the next week and see what answers you get. You may surprise yourself with how much communication you really have with your guide!

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Getting to know your Spirit Guides

This is very important; you have to treat your guides as you would a new friend. Find out as much as you can about them so that you know them. Having a Spirit Guide means you are never alone.

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