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Colors & Auras

1842616-1326137-thumbnail.jpgWe all have an aura, and this is outside of our body. It keeps us safe from people's thoughts and feelings. Some people can see people's aura and it's multi colored. So bright and colorful like the rainbow. Everyone's aura is different.

It has many layers, and some of these layers follow the body’s shape while others form the shape of an egg.

You may be the lucky one who can see this! Don't let it scare you, and you do not need to see the doctor to check your eyes. It's normal for many people.

You can use the aura to heal the sick, communicate with spirits, predict the future, and to receive inspiration and visions. The aura is very complex and but fascinating.
The aura is an elaborate array of colored energy which can indicate our moods, thoughts and feelings. It is constantly changing, moving, altering and re-shaping itself. Colors that mean our emotions change quickly but colors that mean our focus and our life stay longer.

*Your aura tells us about: *

• Health – Good and Bad
• Vitality and Disease
• Emotions – Strong and Weak
• The Ability to Love and be Loved
• Creative and Addictive Patterns
• Talents, Gifts and Skills
• Learning and Achievement
• Experiences – Positive and Negative
• Spiritual Awareness
• Spirit Guide Attachment
• Past Life Experience

Also in our aura, we have energy centers in our body. These are called Chakras. If you would like to know more about these, click here.

The colors that you see in a person's aura mean different things.

Colors and their meanings

It’s amazing what the colors in the aura represent.

You can use colors to find out about people’s moods, how they feel about
themselves or simply about the person that they are by the colors they have
chosen to wear that day.

Here is a list of colours and their meanings


• Brilliance is not actually a color, it is the ‘Original Light’
• Brilliance represents Universal Intelligence, Love, Power and Wisdom
• Our local source of Brilliance is the sun
• Without Brilliance, there is no vision
• Brilliance means truth
• Brilliance clears any cloudiness in a person or color
• Brilliance is the light you see when you die and cross over to the spirit world
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• White is Light
• White means Goodness
• White is Innocence
• White means Being Pure and Positive
• White is Tranquility
• White makes you feel Safe
• White is Clean
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Red is:
• The spirit of physical life
• The color of the base chakra – and the will to live
• Red means Power
• Red means Fire and drive
• Red often means pain
• Red means Passion, fire and romance

There are also different shades of Red to think about

Scarlet – Means the Love of Life

Flame – Keeps going no matter what!

Crimson – Means Peaceful Strength and can be very creative

Russet Red – Knowledge with Wisdom

Maroon – Deep Concern, will and power, but is deep in thought and quiet understanding

Dark Red – The Vampire can mean someone's a bully
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• Purple means being a Spiritual master, the protector
• The highest levels of thought
• Purple tries to be perfect in spirituality, and uses psychic powers on an everyday basis
• Purple is always the leader of the pack
• Purple is the great teacher
• The highest level of purple makes the great mystical leaders
• Purple is the color of psychic and pure spiritual qualities

There are different shades of Purple

Violet – Spiritual
• Violet likes spiritual matters
• Violet is intuition
• It can see into the future
• Violet helps psychic ability

Amethyst – Protector
• Amethyst is the spiritual protector

Lilac – Spiritual Balance
• It has great healing powers
• Lilac's personality is bright and bubbly and fun

Lavender – delicate
• In aura, it means someone is developing spiritual abilities
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• Pale pink is very sensitive
• Pink is comforting and full of peace
• Pink is like a magnet: it draws and attracts
• Too much pink shows the need for protection
• Pink is harmony, unconditional love

Also there are different shades of Pink

Orchid – Individual and Rare, Unconventional

Soft Salmon Pink – Love of Humanity and affectionate

Rose Pink – Spiritual Beauty, Universal Love, Compassion

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• Our gut instincts
• The color of our sacral chakra
• Practical knowledge
• Physical intuition
• Positive
• Inner strength
• Orange likes to work in groups and has pride in achievement

There are various shades of Orange

Dark Orange – Opportunist
• Ambition, dark orange tries too hard

Amber – Progressive, Supportive and Strength
• Amber is very willing and tries anything

Peach – Gentle Persuasion
• Encourages communication
• Peach is cautious
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• Brown means reliable, down to earth, and solid
• Brown is stable and loves to be safe
• Brown is a deep thinker
• Brown will not let you down

There are many shades of Brown

Dark Brown – Self Centred,

Rich Russet Brown – Quiet Assurance, Intuition, Concentration

Chocolate – Mother Earth

Coppery bronze – Flowingness, Balance

Terracotta – Unconventional
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• Yellow is wisdom
• Yellow means that you can get things in life
• Yellows are flexible and adaptable
• Yellow is a great Communicator Many shades of Yellow

Dark Yellow – Low Self Worth, Misplaced Confidence

Lemon Yellow – Problem solver

Primrose Yellow – New Learning or beginnings
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• Green is generous
• Green likes Balance and harmony
• Green has an imagination
• Green is practical There are many shades of Green

Dark Green – Resentment and defensive

Emerald Green – Charity, Tolerance and Wealth

Pale Green – Beginnings, Beautiful person, new learning

Jade Green – Worldly, Wisdom

Aqua / Apple – Healing, friendly
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• Blue is quiet and loyal
• Blue is spiritual
• Blue has a healing voice

There are many shades of Blue

Sky Blue – Selfless Love, universal healer

Pale Blue – Inspires, Sensitivity and imaginative

Dark Blue – Single-mindedness and worries

Royal Blue – Caring and kind
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• Indigo is the third eye opener
• Indigo aspires to be the spiritual master

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